Tania L. Balan-Gaubert is a interdisciplinary artist, curator, and writer who uses photography, found and ready-made objects, craft materials, and assemblage to contemplate exodus, long-distance nationalism, and belonging. She constructs works that are caught between realms. Blending cultural symbols and signifiers, personal archive(s), spirituality and lore, Balan-Gaubert draws from her Haitian and American heritages to map a diasporic allegorical space she refers to as The 10th Department.

Balan-Gaubert was born in Chicago, Illinois. She received her MFA in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in 2018 and her MA in African American Studies from Columbia University in 2012.  

The cyber curation is an endeavor of love, an evolving creative space, and TL's digital homeland. Chicago raised her. Brooklyn + Oakland is where she currently lays her crown.