i’m a 2019 creator-in-residence at the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Art (MoCADA) House on Governors Island.

open studios are Friday - Saturday 12pm-7pm, Sunday 12pm -6pm.

roll through if you make it to the island this summer.

Know Your Rights | Immigrants' Rights

ICE raids in several U.S. cities have started and they are set to begin raids in 10 more cities this weekend. Here are some preparedness resources to disseminate to family and friends. Regardless of your status I encourage you to watch the video linked below via Informed Immigrant. We all can be better prepared and, if the moment arises, better positioned to help others.

All immigrants, undocumented and documented, in the U.S. have certain rights under the Constitution. Learn about your rights and how your family can best prepare for an encounter with immigration enforcement.

Know Your Rights | One Pager (Kreyol):

Know Your Rights | Immigrants’ Rights Main Page (English):

Know Your Rights | Immigrants' Rights Main Page (Español):

Informed Immigrant | How to Prepare Yourself for an Immigration Raid:


Next week, a painting I completed in 2017 (around the time I decided I would pursue a path in visual arts), will be on view at El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 in "Let's Face the Music...a dance inspired exhibition."

The painting is an homage portrait of distinguished independent performing artist Loretta Abbott who passed in 2016 at 83 yrs old. It was inspired by a still from a Dance/NYC 2015 support video, “Loretta Abbott: New Yorkers for Dance (Upper Manhattan),” in which Abbott shares her conviction in the importance of dance to “the mind, body and soul.”

Loretta Abbott was beloved in NYC and in particular by her friends/family/community at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts where she was a founding member. "Let's Face the Music...a dance inspired exhibition" is presented by a group of dancers, musicians, choreographers and dance lovers dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the Clark Center NYC.

Come to the opening if you're free and able!

El Barrio Artspace PS109

215 E. 99th Street, New York, NY

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 18 at 6PM

On view: June 18 - June 30

Gallery Hours: M-F, 12PM to 8PM | S-S 12PM to 6PM

Art-making Workshop: Saturday, June 22 | 12PM - 2PM

Artist Talk: Sunday, June 23 | 2PM

All ages, Free

caribBeing @ Prospect Park

IMAGE: Caribbean American artists Devin Osorio and Tania L. Balan-Gaubert transform the Lefferts Historic House front porch into a Caribbean veranda with a multimedia installation. Photo credit Pablo Serrano.

IMAGE: Caribbean American artists Devin Osorio and Tania L. Balan-Gaubert transform the Lefferts Historic House front porch into a Caribbean veranda with a multimedia installation. Photo credit Pablo Serrano.

June is Caribbean American Heritage Month! I’m participating in a two-person installation with CaribBeing at the Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park. Stop by the house if you’re in Brooklyn, NY and join the celebration with month-long programming + events.

< Check out the calendar and learn more

On view: June 1–30
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 6 | 4–6pm

Closing Reception: Sunday, June 30 | 2-4pm
All ages, Free

5/5 in group exhibition, Vanguard Revisited: Poetic Politics & Black Futures @ SFAI

IMAGE: Pirkle Jones. Black Panthers drilling before Free Huey Rally, DeFremery Park, Oakland, CA, #23 from A Photographic Essay on The Black Panthers. © Regents of the University of California. Courtesy Special Collections, University Library, University of California Santa Cruz.

The San Francisco Art Institute in conjunction with the University of California, Santa Cruz will exhibit the photographic essay, BLACK PANTHERS, 1968 by Ruth-Marion Baruch and Pirkle Jones. Initially shown at San Francisco's DeYoung Museum from December 1968 through February 1969, this show will coincide with the 50-year anniversary of its original exhibition; which in its controversy in 1968 made the DeYoung “relevant” to a broader community some 50 years ago. The work is still pertinent today and will serve as a platform to discuss issues of documentary photography, social activism, and how the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s in many ways manifests itself in the social context of today.

Poetic Politics and Black Futures is a living archive of political possibilities. Artists Kija Lucas, Tosha Stimage, 5/5 Collective, and Chris Martin present a range of creative and radical resistance. Working in concert with the archival photographs, this exhibition of contemporary work assembles a new understanding of the Black political imagination. To disrupt the assumption that activism need to be aggressive or didactic, they employ symbolism associated with Black radical traditions, making space for nuance and complexity.

< Read full exhibition statement

On View: January 22–April 7
Opening Reception: January 26 | 5–8pm

VIA Art Movements by HyperAllergic podcast


In his large two-part exhibition, the queer Haitian-American artist centers the body, which figures in his work both literally and figuratively.


It’s rare for an artist to have two concurrent solo shows in the same city, but Didier William accomplished that with his Curtains, Stages, and Shadows, Act 1 & Act 2. The two-part exhibition explores the formal and narrative possibilities of painting. In his review of Act 1, critic Seph Rodney focuses on the figures that can appear as elusive as they are powerful, writing:

These are all figures ready to enact real violence with the cutlasses, and they are also figures who are depicted as staging a rebellion. If one views the text in the back room, one can begin to understand why William believes it necessary to pictorially rehearse the action of insurrection.

I invited Rodney to continue the conversation with William in this episode of Art Movements, in which the two explore the visual language of revolution, specifically in the context of the Haitian revolution, which is one of the larger themes in the artist’s series.

A special thanks to Red Wedding for providing the music for this episode. You can check her out on Instagram.


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+Thelonius Monk, quoted in Time magazine, 1964