In 2012, I sat for artist Nakeya Brown's The Refutation of 'Good' Hair. 

Pelican Bomb's new digital exclusive on her series presents interviews from each model.

Read what I shared and don't sleep on the never before seen unsolicited submissions either, I'm in love...

"...we would sit there, still,

 watching our mothers mix dreams

with a spatula..."

------- ------- -------

"In Within and Without: The Refutation of "Good" Hair, a digital presentation created exclusively with Pelican Bomb, we excavate the dialogue between the three positions within the project—that of artist, subject, and audience. We alternate Brown’s original images from 2012, recent interviews with her models, and unsolicited emails and poems she received throughout to visualize a type of disruption and co-creation previously unmapped in relation to her project, finding new points of convergence, deviation, and transcendence."

Follow Nakeya's work here and on her Tumblr.