In late antiquity and the early common era, sibyls mourned aryan destruction of the civilization of the dark mother, covering the known world with their lamentations —-libyan sibyl of Africa, delphic sibyl of Greece, cimmerian sibyl of Italy, erythraean sibyl (Cassandra) of Babylon, sibyl of Samos, Greece, cumean sibyl of Magna Graecia (south Italy and Sicily), hellespontic sibyl of Troy, phrygian sibyl of Asia, canaanite sibyl in Sicily, and the tiburtine sibyl of Rome. Eurocentric historians would later refer only to sibyls of Ephesus in Asia, Samos in Gree, and Cumae near Naples in Italy, omitting the african sibyl of Libya an omission that may mark the beginning of historical obliteration of the african origins of world civilizations.
— Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum (excerpt from the chapter "dark mother of Sicily --- Ilba Nera. sibyls and black madonna of Chiaramonte Gulfi")