my time in new york is coming to a close and i'm so looking forward to getting back to my studio. there are so many ideas swirling in my head, i'm ready to put them out into the ether.  getting back to work will help add to my mfa thesis. i left an entire section out of the version i turned in for review and there are so many edits i need to make. i felt, and still feel, scattered in my thoughts, but i'm becoming more resolved in the reality that it won't be perfect and that's okay. 

i started writing notes last semester that seemed relevant to what i want my project to say. a manifesto of sorts. i've gotten as far as the list below and its in my thesis. although, i haven't been able to get past the last line...



We are sequential

We are molded in the dark

We are star(dust) perpetually returning to(ward) the chaos

We all navigate in search of home(s)

We all carry our coffins with us

We all meet death with our light vessels in tow

Some of us are capsized ships on foreign shores

Some of us make dwellings among the ruins

Some of us are captains and the water is a womb

Some of us are captives, held by the place that time forgot

Some of us remember so that memory will not be persuaded by time and power to forget